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MMDA Number Coding Scheme

The Number Coding Scheme (formally known as Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program and more mistakenly referred to as the Color Coding Scheme*) has been an essential know-how for drivers in Metro Manila, Philippines like how a child should know how to count from 1 to 10 before learning new lessons.

The scheme took effect in March 2003 as a new method to curb the high volume of vehicles plying on Metro Manila city roads in order to manage the peak-hour traffic. It's basically a re-implementation of some MMDA rules years earlier with the following  

Original Conditions:
1. Private and Public Utility Vehicles – from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
2. Window Hours for Private Vehicles – from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
3. Exempted from the UVVRP – Provincial buses, shuttle buses, school buses and motorcycle units.
4. Makati City and the Municipality of San Juan will implement UVVRP (Number Coding) from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. without window hours for private vehicles.
               However, there were some modifications to the scheme during the years and the present terms according to the MMDA are the following (Update as of August 2010 April 2011 November 2011). We have the most updated and verified rules:

Thanks to Director Vergel De Dios and the Office of MMDA Chairman Inocentes for confirming the following: 

1. Makati and Las Pinas. No window hours:  Number Coding is in effect from 7am to 7pm!

2. Marikina, Muntinlupa, and Taguig. No number coding.  So, feel free to roam around these cities anytime.

3. Pasig City has window hours of 9am to 4pm (note the 1 hour additional to the normal 10-3pm window).

4. Pasay City is implementing Number Coding except on the following roads: Ninoy Aquino Avenue, MIA Road, Domestic Road, Portions of Airport Road, Sales Road, Tramo and portions of Buendia.

5. EDSA, C5, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, Roxas Blvd (Pasay), all other National, City, and Municipal Roads have window hours regardless of the city (meaning one can drive via EDSA in Makati any day).

6. For the rest of Metro Manila (Caloocan, Mandaluyong, Manila, Malabon, Navotas, parts of Pasay, Pateros, Quezon City, San Juan, and Valenzuela) number coding is in effect (window hours of 10am-3pm is also observed).

7. UPDATE: Paranaque will have number coding starting December 1, 2011.

Number coding is not implemented on weekends. Suspension of number coding is normally observed on national and special holidays and may be stretched to before and/or after those dates depending on the need.

Again, the scheme says for a certain day of the week, some vehicles are prohibited. Specifically: on Mondays, vehicles with plate numbers ending 1 and 2 are not allowed, Tuesdays - 3 and 4, Wednesdays - 5 and 6, Thursdays - 7 and 8, Friday - 9 and 0. See the picture for quick reference.


Confiscation of driver's license (for some cities), issuing of traffic violation ticket and minimum fine of P300.00 to be paid at redemption center (in Orense Street, Makati).

If your car is not yet registered or does not have any plates yet, MMDA will be basing your coding day on the conduction sticker located at the back of your car.

Note that these rules can change from time to time so to better make sure or to clarify information, call the MMDA Metrobase at 882-4151 to 77 local 213 and 255 or the MMDA hotline 136. Our latest update is based on June October 2010 April August 2011.

*Years before the number coding scheme was implemented, the first traffic management scheme was color coding wherein vehicles are issued stickers to know when they will be banned. This term got stuck into the mind of drivers and thus was used going forward (until now).
**Aside from the vehicles mentioned above, the following are also exempted from the UVVRP: police patrol cars, military vehicles, ambulance, firetrucks, medical practitioner for military relief or emergency purposes, vehicles with diplomatic plates, vehicles with government plates or appropriately approved LTO stickers

Baguio city also has a number coding system being implemented.


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